Our Story

Jerry & Michelle Lehmann

Jerry was born and raised on Lehmann Farm in Pleasant Plains, IL and often jokes that he may have been conceived in the farrowing house (pronounced ferrin when Jerry says it). Along with his brother and two sisters, John and Betty Lehmann taught Jerry all they knew about raising hogs and cattle. From feeding to showing, Jerry learned the ropes and discovered his passion for cattle. He joined the American International Charolais Association in 1963 and recently renewed his membership after many years when he met his wife who was overly passionate for these “white ones”, as he calls them. In the late 70s, Jerry honed his cattle skills working at Sir William Angus in Hillsdale, NY. In the early 80’s, he started an Angus farm with longtime friend, Kevin O’Brien, where they farmed 291 acres and raised Angus cattle and hogs. Because of his experience in the livestock and farming industry, Jerry’s decision to become an Auctioneer fit well . He attended Missouri Auction School and has been an Auctioneer in the cattle industry for over 35 years performing over 3,500 auctions.

Michelle was born and raised in CT. She lived in the same county for 48 years. Unlike Jerry, Michelle’s farm experience was limited. Her grandmother had a small duck and chicken menagerie which Michelle was never very fond of. Michelle’s father once bought her a Charolais bull and a wild horse when she was quite young, neither of which Michelle could work with. It wasn’t until Michelle’s youngest son, Alex was 7 that she was exposed to livestock. Alex had a passion for animals and wanted to show in 4-H like his friends. Michelle agreed he could get a dairy goat and it took off from there. At the age of 10, Michelle agreed to lease a beef heifer for Alex to show. At the time, a friend of theirs, who raised Charolais, was kind enough to lease a couple heifers to them. The passion for Charolais grew from there and 3 years later, Michelle decided it was time to start a herd of their own. Since they had only 2 acres of land, their numbers would be small, but they fenced in every spot of available grass for them and raised 8-12 head at any given time.

In 2014, Jerry and Michelle discovered their mutual dream was to have a cattle farm. The breed debate was (and is) very entertaining for all around them. Today they raise both Angus and Charolais registered cattle. Despite the fact there were hundreds of miles between them and a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get through to realize their dream, Jerry decided he was all in.  They made plans and he drove 2800 miles to transport the 6 head of Charolais Michelle could not leave behind. They purchased their farm in Lathrop, MO in 2015 and gathered up their cattle from over 6 states. Shortly after, Michelle moved to MO, taking on a position at Utility One Source as an ERP System Implementation Manager, traveling and working with their 20+ locations around the US.

Jerry and Michelle are proud owners and operators of Lehmann Cattle Company along with their son, Alex Sauer. They look forward to living out their dream with each other, their family, and their cattle.

Alex Sauer

Alex was born with a passion for farming. He has loved animals and livestock since he was a baby. As a young boy, barely walking, he spent a great deal of time at a friend’s farm, playing in and around the fields where the cattle grazed, helping to put up hay and riding tractors.

At age 7, Alex joined 4-H showing and began breeding dairy goats. He soon wanted more and at age 10 ventured into the world of beef cattle. Alex was small framed compared to those large framed Charolais but he didn’t care. His passion to care for them and do his best shined through every time he entered the ring. Alex served in several board capacities for his 4H Beef Club and was a mentor to many younger members through the years. Alex has traveled to 10 different states to show his cattle, competing in several Jr National competitions.

He also attended an Agricultural High School in CT where he joined FFA, met the love of his life, Suzie Theriault, and focused on Livestock Production. Throughout high school, Alex and Suzie worked together to raise cattle and produce (a business Suzie started in 9th grade). Alex attended Missouri Auction School in 2014. During that initial trip to MO, he fell in love with the land and struck up an instantaneous friendship with Jerry which ultimately led to Jerry joining the family.

Upon leaving high school, Alex learned the welding trade from a fellow cattleman and joined a structural welding company in CT. In mid 2016, Alex moved west to the farm and is currently employed at Utility One Source where he builds custom utility trucks. Suzie has just moved to Lathrop from CT and is working for Fairbanks Scales as their Distributor Support Specialist for distributors in the USA and Canada.